(Nominations have been closed since early July, and the Honorees have already been announced. This page remains available only to show the qualifications required for the honorees to be nominated.)

Nominate Someone to Participate

The Shreveport Reconciliation Dinner will be an invitation-only gathering of 80–100 residents, each of whom represents lives that are interwoven into the cultural and racial fabric of our city’s growth and history and who represent the spirit of reconciliation. The community is encouraged to nominate individuals who they believe would benefit the discussion because of his or her record of working to encourage this spirit.

Please consider completing this nomination form for each individual you believe would add to the spirit of this dinner. The nominee may be deceased, yet represented by a surviving member of his or her family. If approved, your nominee will be cordially invited to participate in the Reconciliation Dinner at no charge to them.

Deadline for nominations was Saturday, July 2! Nominations are now closed. The following info is now for information only:

Criteria for Nominees:

  • Nominee’s achievements through their community involvement, profession, or creative and culinary expressions must demonstrate ongoing effort/involvement towards achieving social (racial) justice and reconciliation, not simply a one-time accomplishment. They should be evaluated based on their body of work, not a single act.
  • Nominee’s actions must have been results oriented, not simply to call attention to injustice.  They must have a clear, demonstrated record of achievement or effort to promote solutions to injustice and inequality, not simply recognition as a spokesperson for injustice.
  • Persons should not be nominated solely on the basis of their title or elected office. During their tenure in that position, they must have been the impetus of positive change toward social justice and reconciliation, going above and beyond simply carrying out the duties of the office or title.
  • Organizations may be nominated but there must be a person representing that organization listed.  It is up to the nominating person to determine that. (If an organization is being nominated, please do fill out the otherwise-optional “Nominee’s Organization” field.)
  • Persons who are deceased may be nominated because of their significant role played in these areas. If selected, these individuals will become part of a Pioneers Group to be acknowledged at the dinner.

Rising Voices:

In addition to candidates meeting the above qualifications, there was also a Rising Voices Essay Contest for those under age 40 who haven’t yet had time to build a significant body of work in the social justice arena.

Up to seven seats are reserved for these leaders. Emerging leaders are encouraged to nominate themselves for consideration, however they may also be nominated by another person. To be considered, we require that you submit an essay listing any achievements of the emerging leader, and sharing his or her vision for what our city could become if we developed a stronger spirit of reconciliation.  There is no hard length limit to this essay, but try to keep your essay to no more than about a thousand words.